Gutter and Roof Repairs

Gutter and roof repair services

As you would expect from us, our tradesmen perform your roof and guttering work to a meticulously high standard using the best materials and will match your existing roof and gutter on restoration perfectly.

Our range of services includes:

Roof and Gutter Repairs

Your roof protects your loved ones, your belongings, or your business. This is why when it is time to restore, repair or replace your roof, a reputable company is an absolute must.

Your roof or gutters may need repairs for a number of reasons. Adverse weather damage can either suddenly or over time wreak havoc either by causing structural damage, leaks, erosion or leaf build-up.

Repairing or replacing a roof is a considerable investment, and you need to be certain that you are relying on skilled professionals who are dedicated to giving you the outcome you need. Adelaide Shade Sails has long built a reputation for designing and installing a range of shade sails and carports, but we also are highly experienced in the repair, restoration and painting of gutters and roofs. This reputation has been earned by hard work, expertly carried out, at the right price.

Metal Roof Installation, Repairs, Restoration

Metal roofs are strong and long-lasting and offer a range of advantages over traditional tile roofing such as fire resistance, wind resistance and a wide range of colour and style options. When it comes to repair and restoration we will expertly match your existing roof in both style and colour.

Gutter Repairs, Adjustments and Replacement

The decision is not always simple, but once you have discovered a problem with your guttering, the choice is usually either repair or replace. Knowing which is the right decision can have immense financial repercussions and we, at Adelaide Shade Sails, are expert in making sure you get the most cost-effective solution to what is a recurrent problem in Adelaide. We will inspect, evaluate and quote on the most cost-effective option. If it not repairable, we will tell you straight away.

Lead Flashing Replacements, Repairs

Roof flashing is critical work, as these junctures are where leaks typically occur (such as around skylights or solar panels). These areas are prone to contracting or expanding under the South Australian sun but good flashing should be able to withstand movement without leaks, and this is what we ensure happens when we replace or repair your flashing.

Tiled Roof Repairs

Lost tiles are both unsightly and create entry points for wind, rain and hail into your building. Unless these issues are tackled fast, further damage will be inevitable and can result in costly repairs. We will tackle all tiles roof repairs except replacing hips or broken tiles.

Box Gutter Repairs and Replacements

Box gutters are a highly effective means of draining away large volumes of water for commercial and industrial buildings. However, after a certain length of time, they begin to leak due to the silicone in the joins deteriorating and the metal itself rusting and forming holes. Once leaking, box gutters are terribly difficult to replace, as they are usually surrounded by other roofing infrastructure and services. However, Adelaide Shade Sails are expert in the field of the repair or replacement of box gutters at highly competitive prices.

Roof Leaks

A damaged roof can lead to many issues, such as leaks and water stains. Here at Adelaide Shade Sails, we understand that roofing problems are often entirely unexpected; this is why we welcome your calls and respond promptly. We will assess your damage and give you a free no-obligation quote and can begin work immediately.

Water Proofing and Sealing

We offer a range of silicone and sheet membrane waterproofing and sealing solutions for your roof that will offer protection from the elements that will stand the test the time and anything Adelaide weather can throw at them.

Tile or Roof Painting

Here at Adelaide Shade Sails, we care about cleaning or painting your roof. We professionally and effectively clean or paint roof tiles, affordably and efficiently. You will find this is the most cost-effective way to give your roof a new, fresh lease of life.

Call our experienced installers to obtain a FREE design or contact us through our online form for a quote and to discuss how our workmanship can benefit you.