Replacement Shade Sails

Do you need a replacement shade sail?

If it is a number of years since your shade sail was installed a replacement shade sail is the best solution. Over time shade sails can sag or tear when exposed to the elements, and the stitching may come apart. Our shade sail use solar-balanced PTFE thread that will ensure your shade sail will last for a long time and survive the Australian sun.

If your shade sail is looking tired and worn, a replacement shade sail might be the best option. Repairs to shade sails are only ever a temporary fix, particularly when the stitching has failed, the shade sail has torn or if it is quite old.

Have your shade sails been damaged by strong winds or storms?

If your shade sail has been damaged by strong winds, hail or heavy rain, the shade sail may be past the point of repair. Adelaide Shade Sails can inspect the damaged sail and provide you with a professional opinion on the best options. Professional installation from the beginning is essential to ensure your shade sail will survive strong storms and weather. Our shade sails have a steel perimeter cable to enable balanced tensioning between connection points and increased durability and ability to withstand strong winds.

Are you after an upgrade to your existing shade sail?

Our shade sails are custom made to fit and come with a 10-year warranty. If your previous shade sail hasn’t lasted as long as you had hoped, an upgrade to a commercial-grade shade sail system is the way to ensure many years of protection and shade.

If you have recently changed the colour scheme of your house, you may also want a new shade sail to fit in with the new colour or design scheme. Shade sails are particularly versatile when it comes to design and fitting in with your existing home design. They are an attractive solution to meet your shade needs.