Shade Sail FAQs

Frequently asked questions about shade sails

Adelaide Shade Sails and Roof Repairs have all the answers to your shade sail questions. 

Have some questions about shade sails. Please find some of our most common enquiries below:

How long can a shade sail last for?

All shade sail fabrics have a minimum working lifespan of 8 – 10 years.

How will it impact the aesthetics of the house?

Shade sails offer a more modern design than pergolas, without locking in the summer heat. Their open design allows a breeze to flow through the area, providing cooler outdoor entertaining. Because sails are structurally lighter than a pergola, they also give your home a more open style living plan.

 How much tension is necessary for securing shade sails?

A shade sail should be installed having a high degree of tension. Under tension, the shade sail will adopt a solid form and not move about or flap because of the wind. All of our shade sails are professionally installed to ensure the poles and house points are strong enough to allow for the sail to be tensioned correctly during installation.

 Are they waterproof?

Generally, no. While there are some shade sails available that are waterproof, the idea of a shade sail is to provide shade, not rain protection. Shade sails provide a little protection from rain, but water will seep through during a heavy downpour.